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If you had to pick a time for everything to go wrong, it wouldn’t be during your wedding. Ashley and Justin certainly didn’t, but that’s kinda what happened. Decorations couldn’t be delivered in time. That sucks, but it’s fine. Ashley is hospitalized with a 104 fever two days before the ceremony. Then they lost the caterer. Weddings can be crazy but this had the markings of a total disaster.

Mere mortals would have responded with tears, a bottle of jack and some very heated words. But Ashley handled all of this – and more – with an upbeat attitude. Which is undoubtedly one of the many reasons Justin loves her so much. I adore them both myself and I’m extremely grateful to have been a part of their wedding. I’m also extremely grateful for Betsy with White Sand Weddings because without her, I don’t know what would have happened!

These two have been in love for years and know each other so well. They have a daughter, Knightly, who can make the sun shine with her adorable smile. Both of them light up when they talk about her. But when I catch Justin or Ashley looking at one another, they can’t stop the dreamy look on their face as if they are just realizing they have fallen in love. Then again, Knightly just turned one, so maybe that’s sleep deprivation.

In the end, the wedding turned out to be pretty fabulous. They rented a three story home in Miramar Beach with huge balconies, a view of the water, a pool, a fire pit and what felt like a never ending staircase. With the girls on the third floor, the guys on ground level and the reception in the middle, the house accommodated everyone. The ceremony took place on the beach just before sunset and the reception stretched from the pool to the kitchen upstairs and back again. Later in the evening, both dads made a heartfelt speech which opened the flood gates to nearly a dozen more toasts – each one funnier than the last. I can’t recall any specific roast toast, but I remember simultaneously laughing and crying. Which subsequently, I did again while editing.

It was such a fantastic day. With everything that went wrong, you’d expect me to say there was a horrible storm or the police showed up (which they did) but everything just fell into place. Little disasters continued to strike, but it didn’t matter. Ashley and Justin had each other, their daughter, their families, their wildly fun friends and a little cake in the face. Even I, their brilliant yet clumsy photographer, managed not to fall in either the pool or the fire pit. Realistically, that alone made this wedding a success.

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Once you see them together, it’s clear Olivia and Tim are meant for each other. Their crazy happy love just pours out of them and infects anyone nearby. Like a virus. Which is why I should have realized what I was getting myself into when I arrived at the Destin Bay House on the wedding day. By the end of the night, my entire face hurt.


Trying not to laugh when someone else is laughing is like trying to suppress a yawn after witnessing one. So I spent the whole day laughing along side every family member and friend that made the journey to Florida’s white sandy beaches. One of those family members was Olivia’s grandpa. I wish every wedding had a grandpa like hers. When I called him to join us for the family portraits, he responded with a toothy grin and flipped me the bird. My heart melted with joy. I flipped him a bird in return and we became instant friends.

Amy_Little_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_1522 Amy_Little_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_1523 Amy_Little_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_1524 Amy_Little_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_1525 Amy_Little_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_1526 Amy_Little_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_1527 Amy_Little_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_1528 Amy_Little_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_1529 Amy_Little_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_1530 Amy_Little_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_1531 Amy_Little_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_1532 Amy_Little_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_1533 Amy_Little_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_1534 Amy_Little_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_1535 Amy_Little_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_1536 Amy_Little_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_1537 Amy_Little_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_1538 Amy_Little_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_1539 Amy_Little_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_1540 Amy_Little_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_1541 Amy_Little_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_1543 Amy_Little_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_1544 Amy_Little_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_1545 Amy_Little_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_1547 Amy_Little_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_1548 Amy_Little_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_1549 Amy_Little_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_1550 Amy_Little_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_1551 Amy_Little_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_1552 Amy_Little_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_1553 Amy_Little_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_1554 Amy_Little_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_1555 Amy_Little_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_1556 Amy_Little_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_1557 Amy_Little_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_1558 Amy_Little_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_1559 Amy_Little_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_1560 Amy_Little_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_1561 Amy_Little_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_1562 Amy_Little_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_1563 Amy_Little_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_1564

That’s pretty much how the whole day went. Constant unexpected laughter was around every corner. Like when the bridesmaids gave a live demonstration of Olivia’s progressive dance moves. Or when hair scrunches were secretly placed under every chair in the reception because Olivia believes life is incomplete without them. Or every time Tim looked at his bride.

Olivia is a lifestyle blogger and you can join her on the web here to keep up with her heath, beauty, fashion and lifestyle tips. Obviously whatever she is doing is working. We should all be so happy.

Much love the following vendors for rocking this wedding:

Venue | Destin Bay House

Florals | Supposey Florals

Beauty | Samantha Jarrett Makeup Artist

Hair | Meghan Murphy

Catering | The Eventful Planner

DJ | Vaugh VanAmburg

Second Photographer | Tiffany Coker

Apalachicola, Layfayette Park, Wedding

While I was on my Colorado road trip last summer, I got a call from Charles inquiring about his Apalachicola wedding. Even though we were total strangers, our conversation immediately fell into a relaxed cadence, as if we had been long time friends. The kind who joke inappropriately. By the time we hung up, I knew two things…1. This was going to be an awesome wedding and 2. I should work on my verbal filters.


Meeting Sarah was no different. We spent a few hours on Skype sipping wine and swapping neurotic cat stories. I’m not sure if we talked about wedding photography but we had a pretty good time. Over the next few months I got to know these former Peace Corps members a little better when they visited Florida and I visited DC. It’s not fair that such funny, intelligent, selfless, beautiful people should also be creative but life is full of crap like that. I learned that Sarah crafted all the reception table centerpieces out of oyster shells and she made Charles wedding band from an actual quarter. You can still read the word Liberty on the side! I was already stoked about their wedding but I did a little happy dance when I saw how perfectly everything came together. It started with a shrimp boil welcome party under a tent at Charles childhood home.  The ceremony took place under the gazebo at Lafayette Park in Apalachicola and the reception was at the Studio Gallery downtown. The following morning, all party going survivors were treated to a brunch at the Gibson Inn. It was quite the weekend.

I go a little nuts when it comes to details and this wedding was packed full of them. A live band, gorgeous flowers, candles and crafty little touches were surrounded by coastal oil paintings and a bevy of well wishers that traveled thousands of miles to be there. Bridesmaids gifts were swede earrings from a favorite art gallery. Trimmings from grandma’s lace wedding gown was tacked into Sarah’s dress. Honeycomb invitations blended fabulously with bee themed cakes. And my favorite part of all…glittered ankle boots and handmade fascinator. Be still my beating heart.




I’d also like to declare my undying love for the following vendors who put this magical wedding together…

Wedding Planning & Florals: Amy Price at Bayside Events

Entertainment: Blues Factor

Catering: Tamara’s Cafe

Cakes: personal friend, Wan Lee

Hair & Makeup: Courtney Haile

Wicked Dancing: Peace Corps Volunteers